Leadership Theater ...unplugged

We are Diana Bister and Alexander Maier and we want to inspire and encourage you to rewrite your piece of leadership play.

Listen to vulnerable and bloody honest stories of heart winning and outstanding leaders.

Learn about practical and powerful tools, tricks, and hacks.

In the Introduction Alex and I present ourselves and share our motivation why we wanted to create his podcast. You learn what this podcast is about and what theater has to do with leadership - at least from our perspective.

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Boris will share his story how he has unpacked his true self over time, and how this changed the way he leads.

Get to know his point of view of what leadership is responsible for and for what not anymore.

We also invite you to learn what love and spirituality has to do with leadership.

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Björn will share his story how he has matured into a catalyst leader and which hurdles & hardships he needed to overcome for this.

He will share practical tips how to create psychological safety in teams and why this is so crucial for companies.

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Karen's very personal story is about climbing all the way up of the top of a company and still being ignored as the only woman in the room.

She will share how she finally gained the respect and you will learn about a pretty simple but very impactful task that explains the dilemma of female leaders very well.

Learn from Karen how she overcame that dilemma, although it cost her a lot.

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Quentin's achievements at still a very young age look like a wonderful success story. But he has struggled a lot with deep self doubts, destructive beliefs, and suppressed feelings of severe losses in his life.

He has gone so far to offer his job and company to an external CEO. That has made him rethink his own value and the value of his team members which has changed his attitude how he leads completely.

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Jürg has been in different roles as Chef, entrepreneur and business owner.

Listen to his innovative ideas about how change happens and what this has to do with forgiving oneself.

He'll offer a new perspective on a working environment that is characterized by expansion instead of scarcity.

You'll also learn what safety, dignity and belonging has to do with leadership and the importance of creativity for future businesses.

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In this episode you will learn that a directive and radically goal-oriented style of leadership is set up for failure.

And if you still think that it needs a subject matter expert to be a good leader, Duncan will proof you wrong. Leading a team he has known nothing about has been the most successful time in his leadership career.

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Alexander will share his story how his start-up, offering a collaboration technology in 2005, accidentally triggered major cultural changes within the customers' companies.

This has forced him not only to deal with technological challenges but also with cultural dynamics and human anxieties.

You will also learn how he mastered to build up a self-organizing team himself and which mindset is crucial to enable self-organization and a learning culture.

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About strong core values, about serving people and focusing on who a person is, not what. And how easily your ideals can be compromised and a lovable handling of own failures.

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About feeling the relief of letting go and enabling others to take control. And living the agile values by letting people find their own team identity in the course of an Agile Transformation.

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