What is the Podcast about?

Take off the mask

Aren't we all playing a certain role to fulfil anybody's expectations? This might be necessary in some situations.

But to gain the trust of your people you need to show your true self. This is probably the hardest part, because it makes us vulnerable and confronts us with our deepest beliefs and fears.

In our podcast we want to introduce you to great people who share their stories of how they developed into authentic, coherent, and incredibly sympathetic leaders.

... and rewrite the script

Our podcast guests will share their learnings along the rocky path of their leadership journey.

Maybe you find yourself in the dead end of your career right now, or you feel powerless and burned out? Maybe you sense that it's time for the next level, that you need to change something? Or you are curious about different styles of leadership and want to get some inspiration?

If so, the podcast will be your thing!